Bulk SMS is a Marketing Solution that started to get huge popularity due to its force in reaching the targeted customers by disseminating text messages using a special type of system by which Users be able to send single SMS to a large volume of cellular phones at any instant.
Bulk SMS system is designed to help Users to be in touch with their clients at a time as it’s easy to use the messaging software by entering the contact numbers manually or upload bulk.
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Targeting New Customers By Street

Targeting New Customers By Street service at SMS misr is designed to help businesses maximize their consumer reach through enhancing their ability to communicate digitally with a wide audience, providing different channels for the delivery of effective, efficient communication to their targeted audiences at the right time and at the right place.
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Location Based Advertising

Effective targeted advertising for customers in the vicinity of your shops, where coupons and special offers are sent exclusively to them to encourage brand loyalty and increased custom.

Smart Filter
delete all wrong numbers & duplicated

Full Reports Instantaneous reports of all transactions

Create Groups
save all numbers in classified groups

Create SMS campaigns Targeting customers by Street

API Connection Your system can connect to our platform via API

Messages valid Messages are valid for a year of its history

Unlimited Sender IDs
Create unlimited sender IDs

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